Car-respondence- Volkswagen CC

Stop Shopping

Great review. My wife just traded in her 2002 X-Type Jaguar for the new VW CC. We had planned to visit five local dealers including BWM and Audi, but as soon as we walked onto the VW showroom and she spotted the CC that was it. Test drive was surreal, great response, great looks, great economy, wow!!

John & Sharon Preble

Very Old Country Values

What happened to VW, they used to make “The Peoples’ Car”. Looks just like a Mercedes with a VW on the front. Must be a car for all those rich CEOs getting the bailout. Come back to reality, quality, reliability, economy…old Germany. You all at Fox are the greatest, my heartfelt thanks! Oh by the way, I am part German, and if you look at my name, it is totally German. Go try some German “Paul Reber” chocolate!

Kurt E. Reber, MSgt, USAF Ret.


Finally someone is taking notice, I purchased the first 2009 Passat CC when it was delivered to Low Country Volkswagen in Mt. Pleasant, SC. originally I had a 2007 Passat in red loved that car, very hard to part with but when I took my 07 in for an oil change back in January of last year I saw a picture of the Passat CC and feel in love with the car on the outside. I went home did a little research printed out the info and picture placed the picture on my wall at work and waited for her to arrive, she is a show stopper everywhere I go people ask what it is. True story I went to the gas station and as I am walking up to my car after paying for the gas I hear a man say "sexy" of course I thought he was talking about me. NOT!!!!!

Tanya Brown

Stick it to You

I love the look and drive of VW – but again with the CC they never offer a manual drive vehicle with all the bells and whistles – you can only get a manual transmission in the basic model of any of their cars and it appears that the new CC is no exception. Shame on VW. In order to get the type of car I love to drive my only options are to buy Audi, BMW or Mercedes – seems that no one else can make a high performance vehicle with all wheel drive for “stick” drivers!

Connie McQueen