British Doctor Convicted of Lethal Injection Goes to Jail

A British doctor who gave a patient a lethal injection of adrenaline after ignoring the advice of three other doctors was convicted Friday of manslaughter.

Dr. Priya Ramnath, 40, was given a six-month suspended jail sentence in a Birmingham, England, court.

Ramnath had lived in Texas in recent years but returned to Britain in Feb. 2007 to stand trial after being threatened with extradition.

Ramnath was accused of gross negligence in the 1998 death of Patricia Leighton. Leighton, 51, had been admitted to the hospital north of Birmingham where Ramnath worked after suffering complications from an infected foot.

An initial inquiry into Leighton's death found that she died of natural causes. But a second inquiry in 2004 called her death an unlawful killing and prompted British authorities to seek Ramnath's extradition.

In a statement, Leighton's family said Friday they overcame many hurdles to get the case to trial. "It doesn't matter how long ago a crime happened, you just can't let it go, you have to fight for justice," the statement said.

Judge Anne Rafferty said Ramnath panicked under pressure and made the mistake of not listening to her peers. "Arrogance has cost you your reputation," the judge said.