Study: Women With Prominent Chins More Likely to Cheat

If your wife or girlfriend resembles Meg Ryan or Rumer Willis, or at least her lower face does, you may be in trouble.

U.S. and Canadian researchers from four universities found that women with more prominent chins are more likely to cheat on their mates, the Telegraph of the U.K. has reported.

According to the study, larger chins on women are often caused by high levels of the male hormone testosterone, which is present in all women, but usually in lower amounts.

The hormone, which increases sexual assertiveness in men, may do the same in some women, the researchers said. also increases sexual assertiveness in a woman, a tendency more commonly attributed to males.

The study took a group of women and questioned them on their sexual histories and fantasies. Researchers also had men rate the women on their desirability as a life partner. The men found the women were more masculine features less desirable.

Authors of the study, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, said: "The findings are important in demonstrating that perceptions of women as desirable and trustworthy long-term mates can be reliably gleaned by men from viewing only the women's facial features.”

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