Shopping List: Valentines Day Gifts Under $25

Valentine’s Day, like ANY holiday, can be stressful if you don’t know what to buy for your special someone. Maybe for J-lo it doesn’t cost a thing, but for the rest of us, saying “I Love You” can get expensive! But as you’ve seen in my video, there are bargain buys for everyone you want to show a little love to this Valentine’s Day.

Gift 1: You Warm My Heart Hot Cocoa Mix, $8 at

Gift 2: Mail-a-Thong, $20 at

Gift 3: Bilingual Sweethearts, $2 set of 2, English and Spanish at

Gift 4: Hanky Panky Roses, $25 at

Gift 5: Flowers in a Can, $11 at

Gift 6: Mix Tape USB Flash Drive , $18 at

Gift 7: Heart Ear Buds,

Gift 8: Philosophy 3-in-1 Cinnamon Shampoo, $16 at

Gift 9: Magic Frog to Prince, $18 at

For more gift ideas for the ones you love, check out Happy Valentines Day!

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