Registered Nurse Fired After Saving Boss' Life

A mother of five has been fired from her job months after saving the life of one of her bosses.

Office worker Sharon Hegyi, 39, is devastated by her employer's decision to let her go.

She and her mechanic husband David had worked on Tipperary Station in Australia's Northern Territory for seven years and had planned to stay there until they retired.

"We loved the lifestyle," Sharon Hegyi said. "We loved bringing up our kids there. We don't drink or smoke. We just worked hard and went home to our family."

A letter from Tipperary's human resources boss, Elise Dunlea, said the couple was laid off because of "downsizing."

"I could understand it if we'd done something wrong," Hegyi said. "But we didn't."

The firing comes just months after Hegyi, a registered nurse, saved the life of station finance manager David Breed, who suffered a severe heart attack at work in September.

According to Hegyi, she helped Breed by giving him medication, hooking him up to oxygen and calling an ambulance from Adelaide River.

"But he deteriorated rapidly and I thought he was going to die," Hegyi said. "So we put him in a car and David drove towards Adelaide River. The ambulance met us half way."

Tipperary general manager David Warriner confirmed that Hegyi saved the life of one of his managers.

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