Chef Gordon Ramsay Under Fire For Using F-Word 187 Times on 2-Hour Program

One of his television shows is called The F-Word, but celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's famous use of the expletive has landed him in hot water with British audiences.

Viewers flooded Channel 4 with complaints after Ramsay swore 243 times in a two-hour screening of Gordon's Great British Nightmare on Friday, The Sunday Mirror reported.

His language included "187 F-words", the newspaper said.

Lib-Dem MP Don Foster told the tabloid: "This is getting beyond a joke. When you hear about this much swearing in a single program, you're tempted to utter an expletive yourself.

"We have got to tone it down because bad language on TV is seeping into society.''

An Ofcom spokesman said the UK's communications watchdog could not immediately comment on complaints received over the weekend.

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