Peru Navy Officer Gets 20 Years For Burning Teen Alive

A Peruvian court has sentenced a navy officer to 20 years in prison for burning a 17-year-old boy alive in the jungle city of Pucallpa in 1995.

The court acquitted three other navy officers charged in the murder of Indalecio Pomatanta and has reserved verdict for a fifth, who is currently fugitive.

Prosecutor Luz Carmen Ibanez says the five officers doused Pomatanta with gasoline and lit him on fire for considering him aligned with leftist rebels. He died three days later.

Ibanez said Friday that she would appeal retired officer Andres Egocheaga's 20-year sentence, which she considered insufficient.

A truth commission determined that nearly half of the 70,000 killed during Peru's bloody Shining Path insurgency died at the hands of security forces.