Mother Who Lost Octuplets Still Feels Pain

Just a few days after an unnamed woman in Southern California gave birth to octuplets, Mandy Allwood remembers what it was like to give birth to eight babies.

In fact, Allwood, of Warwick, England, who gave birth to octuplets on Sept. 30, 1996, thinks of her babies every single day.

Within three days, all eight of the octuplets had died, the Daily Mail reported.

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Allwood’s octuplets were just like the ones in California – six boys and two girls - which made her feel all the more emotional when she learned of their birth Tuesday morning from a friend.

“I hadn’t even the vaguest inkling there was someone out there pregnant with octuplets, so I struggled to take it in at first,” she told the Mail. “But when it did sink it, all those memories flooded back. . . . Of course I’m thrilled for this lady, but it makes me feel like such a failure myself.”

Allwood said she was unmarried at the time she conceived the babies and describes her relationship with the octuplet’s father as “destructive.” Her ovaries were polycystic, which can cause infertility, so she chose to use fertility drugs.

After a series of miscarriages, Allwood said she became reckless and starting taking the drugs without a doctor’s supervision.

Looking back, Allwood said if she were under a doctor’s supervision in those early stages, she might have chosen the method of selective reduction in order to give her babies a chance at life.

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