Man Who Rescued Teen Allegedly Abandoned by Friends in Cold Says He's No Hero

A man who rescued a 19-year-old New Jersey woman after her friends allegedly dumped her in the woods in subzero temperatures says he's a "nice guy" — not a hero.

David Laske, 38, told The Record of Bergen County that he was driving home from his waiter job when he spotted the woman, who was barefoot and looked desperate.

At first, the Nyack, N.Y., resident thought it was a robbery ploy, but he pulled over anyway, he told the Record.

The young woman told him she was a "good girl" before recounting what had happened, the paper reported.

Her feet, which were severely frostbitten in the 8-degree weather, had turned blue, Laske said, and she couldn't feel when he turned the heat up in his car to high.

She asked him to take her home but he drove her to a hospital instead. She tried to pay him for helping her, the paper reported.

Bergen police praised Laske as "the epitome of a good Samaritan," according to the Record.

But Laske told the paper that "I'm not a hero. I'm more of a nice guy."

Three New Jersey women, former friends of the teen, face kidnapping and other charges after allegedly abandoning her in the cold wearing only a dress and one shoe.

Maria Contreras-Luciano, 22; Amber Crespo, 20; and Dyanne Velasquez, 21, were arrested and charged Thursday with kidnapping, assault and conspiracy. They were all released on $200,000 bail, according to the Record.

Police in North Bergen, N.J., said the victim is lucky she won't have to have her feet amputated, but may still need surgery. Authorities haven't released her name.

The teen was allegedly driven to a wooded area off Route 9W and pushed from the car into the snow without a cell phone or warm clothing, The Record of Bergen County reported.

After her alleged captors fled, the teen stood by the side of the snowy road until Laske stopped to help her.

Police say the trio orchestrated an elaborate plot to retaliate against the victim for suing an insurance company one of them owned.

They told the woman they were going to a party and even hung a dress in the car to perpetuate the ruse, the paper said.

Crespo faces another charge of making terroristic threats after allegedly shouting, "If you're going to sue me then I'm going to kill you," North Bergen Lt. Frank Cannella told the Record.

The victim didn't report the incident for four days.

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