Latest Way to Skirt Smoking Bans: Melt-in-Your-Mouth Tobacco Products

Residents in Portland, Ore. are being used as test subjects for new melt-in-your mouth tobacco products, manufactured by tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds, News Channel 8's reported.

The products include Camel Orbs, which melt in your mouth like mints, and Camel Sticks, which are packaged in a box that looks like a cell phone.

Opponents believe the products are targeted to young people and to those who seek to get around Oregon's ban on smoking in restaurants and bars.

Portland school officials said products like these will make it difficult to decipher if kids are using tobacco on school property.

“No tobacco products are allowed at any school building or any school event,” Matt Shelby, Portland Public Schools spokesman, told the television station. “With something like this, it’s just hard to catch, so it’ll make our jobs just that much tougher.”

The cigarette manufacturer is also distributing the smokeless products in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Ind.

R.J. Reynolds did not return phone calls.

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