Jen Aniston Says She Has One Relationship Deal-Breaker

John Mayer may want to get a wax.

Because girlfriend Jennifer Aniston has divulged her one relationship no-no to Access Hollywood.

Back hair.

“I got to say, that’s a deal-breaker,” she said in an interview for her new film, He's Just Not that Into You. “The occasional rogue hair, I can easily help that one out."

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Also important to Aniston, that a guy have a sense of humor. And apparently, for Aniston, funny trumps looks.

“Oh God, can you have a funny guy you are not attracted to?” she said. “Basically, it’s chemistry, chemistry, chemistry.”

Could getting divorced from the most attractive guy on the planet, Brad Pitt, and then hooking up with one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, John Mayer, have something to do with her priorities?

Aniston also admitted to some trust issues.

“Do you trust a man with a hairy back?” Jennifer asked co-star Ginnifer Goodwin.

Apparently, Aniston does not.