Cutting Calories May Boost Your Memory

Cutting calories could do more than just slim down your waistline.

Researchers from the University of Munster in Germany found reducing what you eat by a third may improve memory, the BBC reported Tuesday.

They analyzed three groups of volunteers on different diets, who had an average age of 60.

Three months later, they were given memory tests.

The first group ate a balanced diet containing the normal number of calories, while the second group consumed a similar diet, but with a higher proportion of unsaturated fatty acids.

The final group was put on a calorie restricted diet.

After the three months, there was no difference in memory scores in the first two groups, but the 50 volunteers in the third group performed better.

The third group also had decreased levels of insulin and fewer signs of inflammation, according to the report.

The researchers said that these changes could explain the better memory scores, by keeping brain cells in better health.

The study is reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

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