Monster Truck Show Promoter Killed by Close Friend

The promoter of monster truck shows who was fatally injured during a show over the weekend in Wisconsin is being described as a close friend of the driver whose huge truck accidentally ran him down.

The promoter, George Eisenhart, 41, stepped into the path of a truck driven by Daniel Patrick during Saturday night's show in Madison. It happened as Patrick returned the truck to a parking area. Eisenhart later died of his injuries.

A coroner says it appears that neither Patrick nor Eisenhart saw each other before the collision. Authorities say Patrick will not be charged.

A spokesman for the Monster Truck Racing Association says Patrick and Eisenhart were like brothers. Eisenhart was the president of the association, and Patrick is the group's technical director -- playing a role in truck design and construction.

The spokesman says both men were focused on safety issues.

This was the nation's second fatal accident at a monster truck show in a little over a week. Sebastian Hizey, six, was killed at an event in Tacoma, Wash., after he was struck on the head by a chunk of metal that flew off a truckdoing doughnuts during the Monster Jam show.