Georgia School Investigating After Video Shows Teacher Swearing, Slamming Objects in Class

A teacher in August, Ga. is under investigation after a cell phone video allegedly caught him swearing at students and slamming objects in the middle of class.

The footage shows Fox Creek High School teacher John Naas telling students “"This is the final strike, it really is. I've worked d*** hard to get hard to get this f****** place in order and you people don't have any appreciation. Well you ought to sit there and think about it," reported.

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There is still no word on what triggered the outburst which reportedly took place last week, but student Kelsi Henderson suggests the class must have done something very wrong.

"I think some kids might just push him over the edge,” she told WRDW. “I don't think it's right that he did it, but he just got so pushed that he had to say something."

Henderson’s father Jeff Harrop, however, said there’s no excuse. "I know teachers go through a lot of grief from the students and put up with a lot of stuff, tolerate a lot, but the language is just not right," he told the station. "Kids are going to be kids and kids do a lot of stupid things they shouldn't but he's supposed to be setting an example for them."

Fox Creek Principal, Dr. Tim Murph said the school was still investigating the matter “so at this time, we have no comment."

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