Casey Anthony's Attorney Wants More Information on Ex-Boyfriend

A lawyer for an Orlando woman accused of killing her daughter has filed a motion seeking additional information about his client's ex-boyfriend.

Jose Baez, an attorney for Casey Anthony, filed the motion late Friday afternoon. Someone also did a search for the word "chloroform" on a computer in a home where Anthony lived, and trace amounts were found in her car.

Baez wants prosecutors' information about ex-boyfriend Ricardo Morales, who has been questioned by detectives at least twice. The ex-boyfriend allegedly posted a picture on MySpace that showed a man and woman with the title "win her over with chloroform."

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Morales told detectives he posted the picture on his MySpace page around the beginning of 2008, before someone searched for "chloroform" Anthony's home computer.

On Friday, Caylee's grandfather George Anthony was found at a motel in Volusia County, Fla., with a suicide note after disappearing a day earlier. Family attorney Brad Conway said in a 911 call released Friday that Anthony left home with several bottles of medication and some photographs.

"We're worried that he's done something to himself," Conway told the dispatcher.

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In addition to the prescription drugs, alcohol was also found with Anthony, as well as pictures of his wife, daughter and granddaughter.

A utility worker found Caylee's body in December in woods near where she lived with her mother and grandparents. She was reported missing in July, a month after she was last seen.

Documents released by the state attorney's office last week revealed that the toddler's mouth was covered with silver duct tape that had been adorned with a heart-shaped sticker.

The reports also showed that duct tape was attached to her hair, and the little girl's remains were placed in a laundry-hamper bag and then secured in a plastic garbage bag before they were left in the woods.

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