Pilot Who Allegedly Faked Plane Crash: I Have No Memory of It

An Indiana financial adviser accused of trying to fake his death in a plane crash says he doesn't remember a single minute of the badly botched plot, the New York Post reported.

"I have no memory of any of it - not going to the airport, being in the air, nothing," Marcus Schrenker told The Post in telephone interviews from a Florida jail last night and Wednesday.

"It's just crazy. I've never even jumped out of a plane before. I sit and stare at the walls and wonder what happened and say, 'How did I get here?'

"The last thing I remember is being at my stepfather's funeral" Dec. 9.

Schrenker made his notorious bailout over Alabama two days later.

Speaking in a low monotone, Schrenker, 38, said he'd been under "tremendous pressure" for weeks: his wife had filed for divorce, he was accused of investor fraud, and the market had tanked.

"I was at a breaking point," said Schrenker, claiming he's been under psychiatric care and on medication for more than a year.

Yesterday, Schrenker, whose pilotless plane eventually crashed in the Florida Panhandle, pleaded not guilty in Pensacola federal court to charges that he willfully destroyed an aircraft and made a fake Mayday call. A judge ordered a mental competency evaluation.

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