Model Loses Hands, Feet to Severe Infection

A 20-year-old Brazilian model, who was a finalist to represent her country at the Miss World contest, had her hands and feet amputated after contracting a severe urinary infection.

Mariana Bridi da Costa fell ill on Dec. 30, and was initially diagnosed with kidney stones, Agence-France Presse reported Thursday.

But, it turned out she had come down with the infection pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium, which can often prove fatal.

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The infection quickly spread, causing her to go back to the hospital for tests. That’s when doctors discovered septicemia had set into her limbs, cutting off circulation, the news agency reported.

As a result, doctors were forced to amputate.

Septicemia is the presence of bacteria in the blood. It’s a serious, life-threatening infection that rapidly gets worse. It can arise from infections throughout the body, including infections in the lungs, abdomen, and urinary tract, the National Institutes of Health said on its Web site.

Since the amputation, Bridi da Costa suffered an internal hemorrhage and had another emergency operation Wednesday afternoon.

Officials have also reavealed that she has a rare blood type and needs donations.

"This is a desperately sad story and we are calling on potential donors to come forward and give blood," said Henrique Fontes, executive director of Miss World Brazil.

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