Islamic Cleric: Australians are Boozers Hooked on Gambling, Prostitution

Outspoken Islamic cleric Abu Hamza has branded Australians as boozers who are hooked on gambling and prostitution.

In another sermon broadcast over the Internet, the Melbourne cleric urged followers to spread the word of Islam to save Australians, the Herald Sun reports.

"They think happiness can be achieved by being intoxicated, by going to the casino and blowing your money away, by going from one prostitute to the other," he said.

"They don't know what life is all about, that's why they are on the booze, why they are binge drinking ... why unfortunately suicide has skyrocketed, murder, anxiety and depression."

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday demanded the cleric apologize after the another Web sermon telling Muslim men they could hit their wives and demand sex.

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