Nut Job: Man Takes Revenge by Spreading Peanuts at 'Nut-Free' Plant

A maintenance worker who was reprimanded for having a "girlie" calendar at work took revenge against his employer by scattering peanuts around the nut-free facility, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Paul Bentley, 41, an employee at the Pork Farms plant in Nottingham, England, spread peanuts around the Riverside Bakery, causing $1.6 million in lost production a day after he was caught with the calendar by management.

"Bentley had been the subject of a disciplinary investigation which wasn't terribly serious. He was interviewed and said he knew the calendar was there and admitted writing dates on it but denied putting it up," Mark van der Zwart, a prosecutor at Nottingham Crown Court where Bentley is being tried, told a jury on Wednesday, the Mail reported.

He said Bentley chose to take revenge in a "spectacular fashion," even though he had been disciplined but not fired. The jury heard that nuts were found scattered around the plant in different locations and that Bentley was found with traces of nuts on his clothing, the Mail reported.

"Some people are highly allergic to nuts and Pork Farms corporate customers demand that no nuts or products with nuts should be brought into the factory at all," van der Zwart said. "All staff are strictly forbidden from bringing nuts or anything containing nuts into the factory — every member of staff knew that. In fact, it was a nut-free zone."

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