Feds: More Time Needed to Recover US Airways Jet Engine From River

Federal authorities say more time is needed to recover an engine that snapped off a US Airways plane that safely splashed down in the Hudson River.

It was originally thought the engine — located by police divers Wednesday about 65 feet below the icy water — could be pulled up as early as Thursday.

But the National Transportation Safety Board now says it will need another day or two to coordinate the recovery.

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Investigators want to closely inspect the engine to better understand if it conked out after hitting a flock of birds shortly after the plane's takeoff from LaGuardia Airport.

Investigators on Wednesday found the remains of what may be a bird in the recovered engine.

The Airbus A320 splash-landed in the Hudson after losing thrust in both engines. All 155 people on board the Charlotte, N.C.-bound flight survived.