300 Roosters to Be Removed From Mississippi Man's Property, Cockfighting Suspected

A Mississippi man has been ordered to remove hundreds of roosters from his property on suspicion that they are being used in cockfighting, the Desoto Times reported.

More than 300 roosters were found allegedly tied to plastic barrels or chained to cardboard shelters on a five-acre tract of land owned by Arnolfo Hernandez.

He has seven days to remove the roosters.

“I don’t know that cockfighting is actually going on at that site but anybody with those type roosters usually uses them for that,” District 1 Supervisor Jessie Medlin told the Times.

Medlin said he was contacted by residents complaining about noise.

“We had reports of it about six or seven months ago,” said Medlin. “I talked to the animal control people and they went out there. A man was complaining that the roosters were crowing at all hours of the day and night. The Board has seen pictures of them all tied out there.”

Several pit bulls were previously discovered on the property as well, according to Medlin.

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