Man Survives After Being Impaled on Bathroom Faucet

An unusual emergency situation in China after a man showed up at a hospital with a faucet stuck in his eye socket.

Yi Zhao, 57, slipped and fell in his bathroom impaling his left eye on the faucet at his home.

"It was so scary, there was blood spouting everywhere," a relative told Chongqing Business Daily.

Firefighters could only cut the pipe with hydraulic shears, leaving the tap handle and a section of pipe still stuck in his eye.

He was taken to Daping Hospital, where staff called a plumber to try and make the pipe small enough to fit him in a CAT scan machine.

"But the plumber couldn't remove it without causing too much pain, so we had to change the plan and first take an X-ray," a doctor said.

The X-ray showed the tap had gone 3 centimeters into the man's eye — and in the end he was so fed up with waiting for doctors to make a decision that he pulled it out himself.

Doctors immediately took the CAT scan, which showed he had a fractured nose and facial bones but no damage to his eye or brain.

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