Disgruntled Employees Reveal Dark Side of Google

Google takes particular pride in being considered one of the world’s best companies to work for. Employees are pampered at on-site massage areas, told to spend 20 percent of their time doing whatever they want and enjoy free sushi and Häagen-Dazs ice cream for lunch.

But it seems this isn't for everyone. A stream of e-mails from disgruntled ex-Google employees has emerged, revealing that even the most modern of workplaces faces the same old complaints from workers: low pay, too many hours, incompetent managers, a lack of fringe benefits and a hiring process that kept many in limbo for months.

Overall, the messages showed that many considered getting a job at Google akin to reaching the promised land, only to become bitterly disappointed at what they found there.

"You read so much about how amazing it is to work for Google and for the first two years it was," wrote Scott, who worked for the company in London. "Before I left it just was a place full of quiet moans, talented people being undermined and a structure that created hostility and politics."

The e-mails were sent to Google last year, when the company asked a number of ex-employees why they decided to quit.

The private, often brutally honest, correspondence was leaked to the popular TechCrunch blog, where it was published edited only to avoid identifying the workers involved.

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