Air Force Base Officials Probe Camera Found in Women's Locker Room

Grand Forks Air Force Base officials say an active duty service member is suspected of hiding a video camera in a women's locker room.

Base officials say the camera was found Friday in a locker in the women's main locker room at the base fitness center. The tape contained recorded video of an isolated area of the locker room but not of restroom or shower areas, a statement from the base said.

The suspect's name and other details about the recording were not released.

Col. John Quinn, a base spokesman, said it appears to be an isolated incident. He said other facilities were inspected and no other recording devices were found.

Quinn declined further comment and said further details will be released "as they become available."

The Grand Forks base had 2,100 active duty personnel assigned there for the fiscal year ending in September 2007, the most recent figure available. Its numbers have been declining as the base makes the transition from a refueling tanker mission to one involving unmanned aerial vehicles.