Getting to Know Glenn Beck

We asked Glenn everything we thought you’d want to know about him — from his most memorable encounter with a fan to whether he’s a dog person or a cat person. Check out his answers below!

Beck Basics

1. How did you get into the TV/News business?

This is something that people have asked themselves for several years. If you figure it out, please let me know.

2. What are you looking forward to most about working at FOX?

The discounted Bill O’Reilly ‘no pinheads’ door mat.

3. Name one thing fans would be surprised to hear about you?

I’m actually a woman. I’m not, but that would certainly be surprising. I am, however, socially awkward.

4. What is your most memorable encounter with a fan?

Passing a woman on the street who told me my show was funny and thanked me for all the years I made her laugh. She no longer finds me so funny anymore (her words, not mine), because now she’s my wife.

5. Has something totally unexpected ever happened on-air?

I did a good show once. Unfortunately, that happened early on in my career, and there were no witnesses.

6. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Understand the power of "I AM", and you’ll accomplish all that you think.

7. If you could invite any three people (dead or alive) to dinner, who would they be?

Jesus, a really good cook and my wife (only because if I didn’t, I’d never hear the end of it).

Fast Facts

1. Favorite book: My favorite book is ‘The Christmas Sweater’, followed by ‘An Inconvenient Book’ (available at a bookstore near you). Other than those, any of the five I’m reading at any given time.

2. Ideal way to spend a day off: At home with my children (before they get cranky) and my wife (before she gets sleepy).

3. Childhood idol: Johnny Carson and Orson Wells… I was a freaky kid.

4. Biggest pet peeve: Being misunderstood because most people hear but don’t listen. My other pet peeve is that s’mores aren’t a food group.

5. Biggest fear: That I have clarity on the volume of missed opportunities with my children.

6. Favorite musical/play: Currently? ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’ which is hysterical and brilliant.

One or the Other

1. Cat or Dog — Dog (and I question people with more than 3 cats)

2. Beach Vacation or Trip to the Mountains — Beach vacation

3. Chips or Cookies — This is America — why do I have to choose? I guess if I lived in a socialist state, I’d say cookies.

4. Newspapers or Magazines — Uh, how about the Internet

5. Superman or Spiderman — Truth, justice and THE AMERICAN WAY

6. Mac or PC — Mac

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