Scott Hamilton's 5 Tips for Happiness

New Year, new you … you hear the saying all the time. Whether your resolution is to save money or to lose ten pounds— it’s hard to stay focused when you’re trying to obtain your goal. But keep in mind, anything is possible! With a little optimism and a lot of drive you can face any of life’s tough challenges. Take Scott Hamilton for example … the famous figure skater and father of two has survived cancer, a brain tumor, and still managed to come out with a smile on his face. iMag spoke to the role model and got his suggestions on how you can stay positive in 2009.

1. Find a way to laugh everyday! A long look in the mirror always helps me with that.

2. No matter how badly your day is going, know there are many, many people who are suffering way more than you are.

3. Limit your exposure to things that bring you down or fuel negativity. More than ever we have access to all kinds of information, most of which we have no power or ability to affect or change.

4. Remember that whatever has caused you pain previous to today can be over if you let it. Look to the happier times ahead. The past is the past!

5. Look at yourself as the only you. You're perfect. You are the only one capable of being you and that is a great thing!

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The most popular and beloved male figure skating star in the world, Scott Hamilton is also a network TV skating commentator, an actor, performer, producer, Emmy Award nominee, best-selling author, role model, humanitarian, philanthropist, and a cancer and brain tumor survivor. Scott contradicts the saying that "good guys finish last." As a humanitarian and philanthropist, he avails himself to any plight that will improve mankind. But, more important, as a cancer and brain tumor survivor, he is constantly reminding others that, with fortitude and determination, anything is possible. Scott appears regularly on television. He will be seen on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” in March of 2009. As an author, Scott received notable critical praise for his New York Times best-selling autobiography "Landing It" (Kensington Books, October 1999), an intimate, candid and insightful look at his professional and personal life on and off the ice. His new inspirational book, "The Great Eight" will be published by Thomas Nelson Publishing in January, 2009. When he is not working or performing or participating in a wide variety of charitable events, Scott can be found on the golf course and enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons at their home in Nashville, Tennessee.

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