Love 'Em & Leave 'Em? Remembering First Love May Be Detrimental to Future Relationships

You will always remember your first true love, right?

But according to sociologists, you are better off loving them and leaving the memories behind.

Remembering your first love will ultimately become an impractical standard for which you will hold all your future relationships, the Daily Mail reported.

According to a compilation of research papers titled "Changing Relationships," which was edited by Dr. Malcolm Brynin of the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex in England, the people who have a more “pragmatic” view of their first real love versus those who try to recreate that passion with a new person, are more likely to have successful, long-term relationships.

“Remarkably, it seems that the secret to long-term happiness in a relationship is to skip a first relationship,” Brynin told the Daily Mail. “In an ideal world, you would wake up already in your second relationship. If you had a passionate first relationship and allow that feeling to become your benchmark, it comes inevitable that future, more adult partnerships will seem boring and a disappointment.”

Professor Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said couples who strive for immediate, intense emotion have a better chance of making their relationship survive.

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