Burmese Men Rescued After Drifting at Sea for 25 Days in Icebox

Two Burmese men who were lost at sea for 25 days after a fishing boat they were in sank off the southeast coast of Indonesia were found alive, floating in an oversized icebox.

The men, who said they were forced to join the boat’s crew, were found Saturday — 25 days after the vessel went down about 60 miles off Horn Island, the Courier-Mail reported.

They climbed into a large icebox as the rest of the crew scrambled for something to grab. They were found by Coastwatch pilots after more than three weeks in the water.

A Department of Immigration spokesman told the Courier-Mail that both men were receiving medical care and they will confirm their identities within the next few days.

The rest of the ship’s crew — 11 other Burmese men and seven Thai men — have not been found.

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