What Today's Paparazzi Magnets Might Look Like in Ten Years

What are the most-photographed stars going to look like in 2019? We went to forensic artist Joe Mullins to find out.

Mullins took recent photos of paparazzi favorites Britney Spears, 27, and Madonna, 50, and aged them each forward one decade (to ages 37 and 60 for those keeping score).

“The process of age progression is a mix of art and science,” Mullins tells Foxnews.com. “These are what they would probably look like if they didn’t take care of themselves. So maybe they can print these out and hang them on the bathroom mirror as motivation to live healthy.”

Mullins, who used the design program Adobe Photoshop to make the changes, says a healthy lifestyle is the key to aging gracefully.

“An adult face can change significantly in the span of 10 years, depending on your life style,” Mullins said. “A quick aging trick is place your hands on the side of your face and pull down. Gravity is not kind to most of us.”

PHOTOS: Click for pics of Madonna through the years.

PHOTOS: Click for pics of Britney Spears through the years.