Car-respondence - Nissan GT-R

For Future Reference

I have been a fan of the GT-R since I found out about the [previous generation] and I just love the performance of it, but reading about it and seeing videos of the 09’ GT-R just amazes me beyond belief. I always wondered how can they make a perfect car even better and they have, I hope I get to own one sometime later on in life. It’s just a ‘WOW’ car to me.

Kevin Harvey


Why would anyone want a generic looking, gadget filled import? Oh I forgot, 'it's cool,' as in I am idiot that thinks every generic looking, gadget filled import has got to be better than any American car like the Corvette, Viper or Ford GT. The 2009 Nissan GT-R is ugly and has no character. You could hang any import badge on it (Nissan, Toyota, Honda, etc.) and it would fit. Generic looks and gadgets. If I want video games and electronics I would buy a game, not a car.

Steven Burdette