Maggots Found in Hospital ICU

Maggots were found falling from the ceiling of an Australian Hospital's intensive care unit.

The maggots were discovered this week in a male staff bathroom not accessible to the general public at Royal Hobart Hospital in Tasmania.

The hospital attempted to play down the grubby find Wednesday, saying only a small number of larvae were found by a staff member, who reported them immediately.

Spokeswoman Pene Snashall said patient hygiene was never at risk.

"The Environmental Services Team and the Infection and Prevention Control Team responded immediately with a thorough clean-up and investigation," Snashall said. "Patient safety and care was always our top priority."

But even after virtually gutting the bathroom block, the source of the infestation remains a mystery.

Maggots are sometimes used in medicine to eat dead flesh and speed up the healing of wounds — but not in this case.

Australian Nursing Federation Neroli Ellis said the incident showed the aging hospital was virtually rotting.

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