Inauguration by the Numbers

Have you ever wanted to know how many words were in George Washington’s Inauguration speech? Or how many dollars were spent per plate at Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Inaugural Ball? How about how many port-a-potties D.C. will have on the parade route this year? Look no further! We’ve got all the Inauguration stats you need!

Speeches By The Numbers

1,584 – Number of words in George W. Bush's 2001 speech

2,150 – Number of words in Bill Clinton's 1997 speech

2,425 — Number of words in Ronald Reagan's 1981 speech

1,366 — Number of words in John F. Kennedy's 1961 speech

Shortest Inauguration speech: George Washington's 135 word address on March 4, 1793.

Longest Inauguration speech: William Henry Harrison's 8,445 word address on March 4, 1841.

Balls By The Numbers

29 and 56 seconds – Length of time George and Laura Bush danced at each ball in 2001.

James Buchanan’s 1857 Inaugural Ball:

$3,000 – cost of wine

1200 – quarts of ice cream

400 – gallons of oysters

$500 – per plate at Ronald Reagan’s Inaugural Ball in 1981

18 – Number of furs left behind at George H. W. Bush’s Inaugural Ball in 1989 because of long lines

100 – Canaries at Ulysses Grant’s Inaugural ball in 1873

2009 Inauguration By The Numbers

15,000 people, 242 horses in the Parade

5,000 – port-a-potties available

10,000 – tour buses

240,000 – people on steps of Capitol

29,000 – hotel rooms in Washington D.C.

17,000 – hotel rooms in greater metro area

4,000 – DC police officers deployed

4,000 – police officers from other law enforcement agencies

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