Former Inmate Says Stun Grenade Destroyed His Tattoos, Sues for Excessive Force

A former Clark County jail inmate has filed a federal lawsuit alleging he was hurt when guards tossed a stun grenade inside his cell.

Sergio Ramirez accuses the county, Las Vegas police jail guards and medical staff of excessive force and violation of his civil rights in the Nov. 21 incident.

He alleges he laying on the floor with his arms extended when the flash-bang grenade detonated, and that he was was denied treatment for burns that festered while he was kept in an isolation cell for four days.

He's seeking a least $3 million in damages, but his lawyer says the case is about torture more than money.

A police spokesman says Ramirez's allegations are being investigated and the department doesn't comment about lawsuits.

His lawyer says the 25-year-old Ramirez suffered permanent scarring from burns so severe that some of his tattoos were obliterated.