Sushi Restaurant Workers Stab Would-Be Robber to Death

An armed robber was killed by a waiter in a "Kill Bill" style stabbing during an attempted raid on a Paris sushi restaurant.

Two men stormed the Planet Sushi restaurant in the city's Latin Quarter on Sunday night, brandishing a knife and a stun gun and demanding money from the restaurant's cash registers, according to eyewitnesses.

But, unwilling to sacrifice the night's profits, the Japanese waiters reportedly turned on the would-be thieves.

"They pointed a stun gun at a waiter and demanded the cash from the till, but the staff grabbed kitchen knives and charged at the men," a customer in the busy restaurant said. "It was like a moment from Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' films."

Detectives, who arrived at the scene minutes later, said the stabbed robber, 22, died as he was taken to hospital. The second was being questioned.

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