The winter season always starts out swinging. Your nights are filled with party hopping, holiday festivities, and if you’re lucky ... a vacation somewhere sunny and warm. But once the NYE confetti settles, it’s suddenly mid-January and you still can’t seem to get back to reality. You find yourself lethargically trudging through brown, slushy roads on your way to work, cursing at the radio because it's still blasting Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs.

Even though your next trip isn’t until Memorial Day, you absolutely cannot sulk your way through the next few months. Here are some simple ways to get through those winter blues.

First of all, let’s note that there are some positive things about frigid weather. Your hair doesn’t frizz. It’s totally acceptable to be pale. You don’t have to wear a bathing suit (hallelujah!). You can hide under oversized sweaters if you feel fat. You’ve been reunited with your favorite Ugg boots. And Pumpkin lattes are back in season.

Aside from those perks, the best way to get through the cold months is to get out there (bundled up in your new adorable winter jacket, of course). The busier you are, the better.

Venture out of your comfort zone (a.k.a. the couch) and sign up for a class. Stalking people on Facebook in your spare time can wait until later. Whether you’re into pottery, painting, cooking, web design, or photography, you’ll spark your inner artiste which will carry you through the slowest months of the season. You’ll meet new people, perhaps find your inner passion, and have something to look forward to each week. Stop talking about how you want to get into yoga, and just do it already! Namaste.

Organize a "brunch bunch”. Make a weekly plan with your crew to try a new restaurant every Sunday morning for a great meal. This way, you’ll still have something fun to look forward to even when the weekend is winding down. Plus, brunch is more affordable than an expensive dinner out, and just as much fun. Go to Web sites like Menu Pages and Citysearch to read about nearby hot spots. Follow brunch with an afternoon of window shopping (we’re still in a recession, people), Pilates, or a manicure.

Explore. If you haven’t been to a museum since your 4th grade class went to the woolly mammoth exhibit, you have lots of catching up to do. No matter where you live, there’s something to see. Check out Museums USA to find an extensive list and links to museums in your area. Hit up neighborhood art galleries, volunteer, or head to local parks for winter hiking paths or cross-country skiing.

And finally, an always reliable formula for winter fun includes a cheesy romantic comedy, a giant tub of movie theater popcorn, and a girlfriend or two. If Ashton Kutcher can’t get you out of a rut, I don’t know who can. Well, actually there’s Brad, Jake, Leo, Orlando…

Before you diagnose yourself with Seasonal Affective Disorder, try some of these suggestions to ward off your winter woes. And remember: it’s perfectly fine to donate an occasional Saturday afternoon to a reality TV show marathon. Everyone can learn a thing or two from Rock of Love Charm School, right?

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