Woman Refuses to Abort Twins With Two Heads, One Body

A British woman has found out she is pregnant with dicephalous twins who share one body but have two heads, and she plans on continuing with the pregnancy, the Evening Standard reported.

Nine weeks into her pregnancy, doctors discovered Lisa Chamberlain of Portsmouth, England, was pregnant with the twins after she complained of back pain and underwent testing.

After doctors performed an ultrasound and could find just one heartbeat, they told Chamberlain, 25, she should consider an abortion as the babies only had a 20 percent chance of surviving.

Chamberlain, who was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries at the age of 18, a condition that can cause fertility problems, said her twins were a “gift from God.”

“Some might think my twins are strange, but to me they’re just special,” Chamberlain told the newspaper. “Everything happens for a reason. Mike and I have spent over seven years trying to have children and we might not get another go.”

Chamberlain and her fiancé, Mike Pedace, 32, hope the twins can lead full lives like Abigail and Brittany Hensel, 18-year-old dicephalous twins from Minnesota. The Hensels have two spines and two heads, but one body.

The twins will likely be born at London’s University College Hospital where conjoined twins Hope and Faith Williams were born last month. The Williams twins died after a complicated surgery to separate them.

If Chamberlain’s babies survive the pregnancy, they will be Britain’s only living dicephalous twins. She will have to wait until she is 20 weeks pregnant to find out how many organs the twins share.

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