Train Carrying Hazardous Chemical Derails in Ohio

A train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed Monday in northwest Ohio sparking a small fire, but officials said none of the cars carrying dangerous materials toppled over.

Fifteen cars of a 72-car westbound train jumped the tracks around 7:20 a.m. in rural Defiance, but the two cars that toppled over were empty and contained residue from ethyl alcohol, a flammable industrial chemical, Sgt. George Jutze of the State Highway Patrol said.

The train included tanker cars filled with sodium hydroxide, or lye, but they remained upright, Jutze said. Sodium hydroxide can cause breathing problems and burning of the skin.

The derailment sparked a small fire that was put out quickly.

No one was injured or evacuated.

Nearby U.S. Route 24 will remain closed until Tuesday morning, forcing traffic to be diverted from the heavily traveled route between Toledo and Fort Wayne, Ind.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.