Aspen Bomb Plotter Had Maps to Homes of Lawyer, Judge, Elected Officials in Car

A man who left four homemade bombs around Aspen on New Year's Eve because he was bitter about his hometown had maps in his car to homes of people he'd come across over the years: a lawyer who prosecuted him, a judge who sentenced him, and several elected officials.

Some, like former Pitkin County Commissioner Jack Hatfield, say they never even dealt with James Blanning.

"I can't think of any reason why I'd be listed," he said.

The maps were part of newly released documents by the Pitkin County Sheriff's office.

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Sheriff Bob Braudis referred to the material as a "non sequitur" and not a hit list. He said most of the maps were printed years ago, some from

Blanning, 72, shot himself in his car a few hours after leaving two gift-wrapped, gasoline bombs at two banks and two more bombs on two sleds in an alley. In notes left at the banks, Blanning demanded $60,000.

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New Year's celebrations were canceled across the mountain resort as police cleared the downtown area to find the bombs. No one was injured and the bombs never exploded.

One of the printouts found in Blanning's car was a Web site picture of current mayor Mick Ireland.

"That's kind of scary," Ireland said. "You certainly don't like to find out that a vindictive bomb-making individual has your picture and home address in his car."