Man Rescued After 5 Days Stuck in Bathtub, Survived on Tap Water

A retired Utah postal worker was rescued after spending five days trapped in a bathtub and surviving on tap water.

Lou Beddow, 82, of Salt Lake City, drank water from the spigot to stay alive and was discovered by a neighbor who hadn't seen him out walking his dog. The neighbor had his house key.

"Luckily, [Beddow] was able to get water from the faucet and keep himself hydrated," Scott Freitag, a spokesman for the Salt Lake City Fire Department, told "Otherwise, this would have had a much worse outcome."

Beddow's neighbor said he slipped and fell last Friday, leaving his legs hanging over the dry tub.

“Because of his physical condition and his age, he was not able to physically lift himself up out of the tub," Freitag told

Beddow was taken to a hospital in serious condition and may have suffered compression injuries from being in one position for so long, Freitag said.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.