Woman to Sue Hospital for Leaving Knife in Head

A Florida woman says she will sue Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center because they left part of a knife in her head after she was stabbed more than three years ago, news4jax.com reported Wednesday.

Attorney Chad Roberts said by looking at his client Edith McQueen’s x-ray, you can see the knife in her jaw bone.

“Somehow, some way, the knife was left in her head,” Roberts said of McQueen, who lives in Jacksonville. “She presented to the emergency room for treatment from the stab wounds to the head, and they were simply stitched up and Mrs. McQueen was sent home.”

The assailant attacked McQueen twice in a random incident in August 2005. McQueen’s spent the night at the hospital where she was listed in stable, but good condition.

“A simple x-ray is comparatively easy, inexpensive and accessible, and you would think that a stab wound would probably justify a $25 or $50 x-ray to make sure no foreign body, either dirt or gravel, or some foreign object, remained in the wound site, but apparently that didn’t happen,” Roberts told news4jax.com.

McQueen went back to the hospital complaining of headaches, so they scheduled her to have an MRI. That was when the knife was found.

“We will not discuss the particulars of any patient’s confidential health care services,” Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center said in a released statement.

Roberts said he has not yet spoken to the hospital about removing the knife, but he has plans to.

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