A penguin, a seal or even a human hand — what would you expect to find in the stomach of a great white shark?

Scientists in New Zealand are about to discover just that when they perform a necropsy on a 10-foot great white shark — believed to be the first of its kind conducted in front of about 1,000 members of the public and streamed live online.

The shark will be dissected and its organs investigated during the necropsy at Auckland Museum this Thursday where scientists hope the operation will help add to their limited knowledge of one of the ocean’s least known about animals.

"It's very exciting — we've never done anything like this in front of the public before," Tom Trinski, marine curator at Auckland Museum, told Times Online. "It's a rare opportunity for us. Little is known about the life history of these apex predators of the ocean, and we hope to learn more about the shark's recent past before it came into the harbor."

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