After a Quarter Century, Dodge Loses Minivan Crown to Honda

For the first time since it started the segment in 1983, the Dodge Caravan has lost the title of best-selling minivan. According to year-end reports from the automakers, the Honda Odyssey outsold the Grand Caravan 135,493 to 123,749 in calendar year 2008.

Despite offering an all-new vehicle which was well received by the automotive press and marketed with deep discounts, Dodge was unable to hold off the competition which has been nipping at its heels for several years now. Caravan sales were partially cut into by the elimination of a short-wheelbase version of the minivan which was replaced last year by the Dodge Journey crossover, selling 47,097 units.

The good news for the beleaguered automaker is that the Chrysler Town and Country, a near twin of the Grand Caravan, finished third on the charts, moving 118,563 units, keeping it just ahead of the Toyota Sienna, which ended the year with 115,944 vehicles sold.

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