7-Foot 2-Inch Pakistani Woman Seeks Asylum in Britain, Says Height Makes Her Target for Harassment

A 7-foot, 2-inch Pakistani woman is seeking asylum in Britain because she says her height makes her a "target" at home, the Daily Mail reports.


Zainab Bibi arrived in England two-and-a-half years ago and is awaiting a decision from the country's Home Office as to whether she will be granted political asylum.

Bibi, 35, is a former holder of a world's tallest woman title and has asked to stay in Britain because she is afraid to return to Pakistan where she says youths threw stones at her, pulled at her clothing and she once broke her wrist after an attack.

Despite her claims of abuse, some family members and friends in the impoverished Punjabi village of Mandi Rajana where Bibi was born, have suggested she was not a victim, but rather celebrated as a celebrity.

Regardless, officials are expected to recommend that she should be allowed to remain in Britain, the newspaper reported.

Bibi, who had a 2-year visitor's visa to Britain, made her claims of abuse during a 15-day promotional trip to the country in June 2006. After making the complaint, the country gave her an apartment in Stockport, England, and $58 a week in benefits.

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