English Town Bans Dirty Street Names

A British town is setting guidelines to ensure that new streets don't wind up with names like Cockshut Road, the Daily Mail reports.

On Tuesday the Lewes District Council is expected to set a street naming and numbering policy to ban rude-sounding or unflattering names like Hoare Road and Cracknuts Lane.

Other names deemed "aesthetically unsuitable" like Gaswork Road, Tip House and Coalpit Lane should also be avoided, the council said. Other banned names could be "capable of deliberate misinterpretation" like Hoare Road, Typple Avenue and Quare Street.

"Street names which could give offence are not used, nor are names which encourage defacing name plates," the council told the Daily Mail.

'I would hate for the name to change. It has some history," Former councillor Rachel Powell, of Cockshut Road, told the Daily Mail. "I can see with political correctness why the council would not want these sort of names but it is a pity."

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