Baby Dies Because Hospital Had No One to Do C-Section

A baby boy died just minutes after his birth because the hospital did not have an anesthetist available for an emergency Caesarean section, The Sunday Mirror reported.

Clare Russell of Madeley, Telford in England, went into labor 10 weeks early and arrived at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in Shrewsbury, England, in the middle of the night.

Her son, Dylan, was in a breech position, meaning he was coming out feet first, so she needed a C-section. Because the hospital did not have an anesthetist on duty, Russell, 38, was forced to give birth naturally, and the umbilical cord became wrapped around Dylan’s neck.

Research has proven a C-section would have been effective in this circumstance and could have saved Dylan’s life.

Dr. Adam Gornhill, the consultant who delivered Dylan, confirmed Dylan would have lived if an anesthetist had assisted with a C-section.

“We have to work within our limitations,” Gornhill told Russell. “It’s a resource policy decision.”

The hospital has given Russell an undisclosed five-figure compensation for her loss.

“How can it be right that because I gave birth at night, my son had less chance of survival?” Russell asked. “No amount of compensation could make up for the death of my baby. But something can be done to make sure other babies don’t die needlessly like Dylan did.”

A spokeswoman for the hospital told the Sunday Mirror they now have an anesthetist on-call at the hospital 24-hours a day.

The Trust extends its deepest sympathies to Mr. and Mrs. Russell,” said Trish Rowson, of the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital National Health Services Trust.

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