Magazine: Americans to Have More Sex, Use Fewer Antidepressants in 2009

If were depressed in 2008, here's some good news — we're all going to be having more sex in 2009, according to one magazine.

The reason is that women's growing economic power around the world will give them more choices, and one of those choices, apparently, will be to have more sex.

This prediction and more comes from The Futurist magazine, which compiles the forecasts and predictions of assorted visionaries each year.

The publication, which describes itself as a magazine of forecasts, trends, and ideas about the future, recently released its Outlook for 2009 and Beyond.

The issue also predicts that "Americans may turn away from antidepressants."

According to the anthropologist who made this call, the millions of antidepressant prescriptions Americans take "kill the sex drive" but many may quit taking them, giving another boost to sexual activity in the new year.

Other predictions include:

Saving snakes may save lives. The venom of snakes may have undiscovered medicinal properties but many species are endangered and must be saved before they become extinct.

Better underwear. The magazine says the invention of "high-tech underwear" will mean, "better blood flow, more energy" for all who wear them.

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