Connecticut Hospital Fined for Severely Burning Man During MRI, Other Violations

Connecticut regulators have disciplined Bristol Hospital after state inspections revealed various violations.

In one case, a patient received 10 times the ordered dose of a medication. In another instance, a man was severely burned in an MRI machine.

Inspections also revealed problems in the hospital's handling of patients' advance directives for care. One woman, suffering from a heart attack and congestive heart failure, had told doctors she wanted CPR and ventilation. Her status was later changed to "comfort measures only" and she was removed from a ventilator and died.

There's no evidence she agreed to the change.

The hospital has agreed to pay a $4,000 fine and make changes to its policies and training. It did not acknowledge any wrongdoing.

The hospital has already made some changes, such as revising policies about MRI safety and patient rights.

"We recognize that this process helps us to improve the care we provide," said Kurt Barwis, the hospital's president and CEO, in a written statement provided to the Hartford Courant.

"We will see to it that the opportunities for improvement directly benefit our patients and our community," he added.