Teens Lost for 3 Days After Trying to Sneak Into Show: We Are Idiots

Two rescued Australian teenagers say they were idiots for getting lost for three days in rugged bushland after trying to sneak into a Victorian music festival without tickets.

Harry Wild and Ryan Hurley, both 19, had been trying to find a back way into the Falls Music Festival, near Lorne on the Great Ocean Road.

But their plans went awry when the pair lost cell phone reception and ended up getting lost.

The youths have thanked police and rescuers for their efforts.

"We can't thank them enough,'' Wild said at a press conference Wednesday, the Geelong Advertiserreports.

"We know we are idiots, we think we are so silly. I just what to thank everyone who was involved in the process."

The youths said they fashioned a shelter by leaning branches and foliage against a large log and using leaves for bedding.

The pair huddled together through three cold, wet nights.

"Very close. Very close. It was nice and cosy," Hurley said.

They had no food but drank water from a nearby creek.

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