Full-Size Pickup Trucks

It is a success story that became a black eye when gas prices went through the roof, but there is no denying Detroit's dominance when it comes to full-size pickup trucks.

Despite all of the industry's woes, these big boys remain at the top of the sales charts, thanks mostly to a captive audience of commercial buyers who just can't figure out how to fit an 8'x10' sheet of plywood into a Honda Accord.

The Dodge Ram is new for 2009, as is the top-selling Ford F-150, while the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra twins combine to sell more than any of them. With the Toyota Tundra in retreat and Nissan ready to surrender the segment (they'll be getting their next generation of Titans from Dodge), cheap gas should keep buyers putting their money into these profit centers.

Need proof? Ford is actually hiring 1,000 workers and adding a shift at its F-150 factory in Dearborn, Mich., to keep up with demand.

No. 2: American Muscle