Report: Russell Crowe Too Fat for New Role?

Russell Crowe is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars … maybe a little too big.

The actor has reportedly been told that he is too fat to play the role of the sheriff of Nottingham in the upcoming Robin Hood film directed by Ridley Scott.

According to the Daily Mail, the British director has asked Crowe to commit to a diet for the role. Scott previously directed Crowe in the film “Gladiator,” a role that earned the actor an Oscar.

The upcoming film puts a spin on the Robin Hood story, the Mail said, with Crowe’s sheriff portrayed as a noble man whose corrupt king is to blame for the oppressive taxes on his subjects. Crowe’s character will compete with Robin Hood for the love of Maid Marian, played by Sienna Miller.

Crowe has piled on the pounds from the days when he starred in “Gladiator.”

According to the report in the Mail, “[Scott] is one of the only directors on earth who could ask [Crowe] to slim down.”

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